Responsive Web Design Service

Here at Pearl Encoder, we pride ourselves on creating an exceptional responsive website design, developed to your exact specifications and needs each time. We strive to make your brand and image stand out from the rest of your competition and create a user experience that will keep your guests coming back again and again. No matter how big or small your project, we will be able to give you a fresh new look at an incredible price that is unmatched by our competitors who proclaim they are a responsive web design firm.

Your website is the main focal point of your entire business, and one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. Most of your customers will look at your website before deciding if they want to work with your company. Why not put your best foot forward? Make sure your website is a responsive website, with an amazing custom web design, and enhance it with custom development for automation, such as client logins, appointment scheduling online, interactive event calendars, social profiles, or whatever would be relevant to your site.

Mobile friendly design

Most of your customers are using mobile devices. Therefore, your website should be fully accessible to a mobile audience. All of our designs are mobile compatible and we can create animated effects without the use of Flash. While you can go with a responsive web design, the most mobile optimized site would be a completely separate mobile version of your website. A mobile version detects if the end user is viewing the site on a mobile device, and if so displays a version of the site optimized for mobile compatibility instead of the browser version.

Pearl Encoder can create a mobile version of your website that is fully compatible with mobile browsers and optimized for touch-screen navigation. We are at the cutting edge of developing quick-loading, easy to navigate, and beautifully designed mobile version sites. If you’ve looked at your website on a mobile device, and found a confusing cluttered mess, then call us today. We can make you look like a mobile pro at the cutting edge of mobile technology. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach the millions of mobile users in today’s market by failing to make your website responsive.